Shiny sweet gifts from the heart of the earth

Manufacturing & Supplier

Gift of fertile land is sweet and natural for us
What this gift brings us is health and wellness
We value the gifts from the earth
And we hand-pick the gift of nature for you
This is shiny nuts’ gift to you



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Huge Savings

At Lowest Price

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Our Company Products

Sultanas Raisins

Date palm Mazafati

Golden Raisins


Sun dried Raisins

Products from the best farms with world standard

Custom Packet

Product packaging

Designed Packages for roasted nuts
in different weights.
Various types of packaging.
Various packages designed based on
consumer’s requirements and tastes
with their brand on them for whole



Sorting, Grading and Categorizing

We separate all products in different quality categories based on international hygienic and our high-level standards. Separating based on Size, Color, Shape, Type. In this step, We put a high quantity of products in cold warehouses for bulk selling or as the raw materials

Sorting , Grading and Categorizing



The main purpose of ex-work delivery is to make our customers free to choose the transport services of other companies. By the way, our Ex-work prices are the best competitive


We pack your orders based on your required standards. We prepare documents based on your customs requirements. We send your goods based on international incoterms. We make payments based on your current currency

Product Delivery

Custom Procedure and Transportation Doing the custom procedure is the final step before sending goods to buyers. Obviously, Custom documents prepare according to the requirements for clearance in the destination country.